About Us

Hi Polers!  I am Margie Grepo, the founder of Trick-Tac.  I pole for fitness and fun and had always had a pretty hard time sticking my moves.  My problem was dry skin that was slippery year round.  I tried a myriad of grip combinations.  This beeswax grip towel was a game changer.   I had been sharing this grip with friends for several years before starting to sell on a FaceBook page in 2016 and am still a small operation.  I have added a few variations and related items over time and continue to try to improve the product options.  I love, love, love the pole community and am proud to sponsor lots of competitions and events and meet fellow polers when vending as often as I can.  It is always great when I learn how I have been able to help fellow polers.  


Happy Poling!!