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Wholesale Information

  • There is no minimum order.
  • Shipping is billed through at actual cost or you can provide your own shipping label for us to use. As with our retail, we usually ship wholesale orders next business day.
  • We support reseller events, competitions and IG challenges whenever possible.
  • To order you simply message, email, text or call with a quantity and email and we will send a PayPal invoice which you can pay with a credit card when you are ready for us to ship the order.  
  • Please use the contact form to request pricing information. Our retail is provided for reference. Resellers are free to price as according to their own market.   


Full size is great for polers who grip large parts of the body like legs and torso! Towels usually last 4-6 weeks with heavy use, 6-12 with moderate use and longer with very light use.

Medium size is great for polers who use grip less often or want a fresh grip towel more frequently!

Sample size is great for polers use grip infrequently or want a fresh grip towel often!  Sample size is also great for performers because they are easy to tuck into your dance wear and easy to replace if lost! 


  • Features:
  • Versatile instant tack. You control whether you get a light or heavy tack based on how much pressure you use to apply. 
  • Towels last best when stored in the bag as instructed on the label. They can be stored for long periods and remain tacky.  
  • It is good for body and hands. You may need to reapply more often to hands. And, it is effective for most people even with sweat. 
  • Grip left on the pole from use usually cleans easily in two good wipe downs with alcohol. 91% works best.
  • The beeswax is non-drying and has many properties that are good for your skin!